Our mission

First idea

Our CEO wanted to improve his communication with the kindergarten where his children were going. He also wished to have a better overview of the services he pays for there. We agreed with Orangery kindergarten to create a tailor-made system for them.

Pilot version

We developed and deployed the first Panda version for Orangery kindergarten. We wanted to solve the biggest issue, meal ordering and cancelling, a process where this kindergarten lost money for unused meals.

Second kindergarten added

During the first semester we made a lot of small system improvements. Orangery was happy with Panda, they started to use it for their other location. Since, we have issued another version of Panda with more detailed management of user role privileges.

Panda as our product

We have confirmed that the Panda system is viable and very helpful for two kindergartens. We have also got to know in detail how the kindergarten business works. We've decided to generalize Panda and offer it on the market as a commercial product.

First commercial version

We finalized the generalization of Panda features to be configurable per each customer. We have also added a financial module to support detailed monthly reports of costs per each child. UX design improvements for better support of mobile phones were also included in this version.

First customers

The first marketing campaign was run during summer and as a result we got several new customers or applicants for Panda. During September we configured Panda to be used by 5 new kindergartens.

New communication features

We continuously analyze our customers needs. We identified room for improvement in communication between the kindergarten and parents so we prepared communication module in the form of notice board.

Marketing campaign

We took Panda and showed it to rest of the world. We have prepared the new product website, Panda system introduction video, and online marketing campaign. The aim was to overall increase the awareness of Panda and to get the system to more kindergartens.

Other features which make the work easier and Panda’s new design

We have further improved our control panel and added even more useful features. Panda’s implementation to a kindergarten has never been easier and faster. We have added the Billing feature, the ability to monitor the class's capacity, and the possibility to attach information about the child's health. On top of that, we have packed all the new features into a new fresh design.