Trigama has won a tender at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague for the operation of e-learning system Moodle. For the following two years we can improve this key system of the university in the virtue of motto Level IT up!

In the first period of our cooperation we have already improved the system at many different aspects. In the first step we removed technological depth from not updated system versions. Besides implementing system upgrades of Moodle we improved UI and UX and we created customized Moodle templates respecting the corporate identity of the university and made it fully responsive. We linked Moodle with other systems and we provided basic and advanced trainings for the academic staff at the university.

"I am very happy, we have won the tender and we can continue in very well set up cooperation. This project is one of those, where the results are visible and Moodle CULS is thanks to us one of the best working and best evaluated systems at the university. Nevertheless, professional work of the whole team was the main part of our success." Project manager Mirek Jungwirth commented on the cooperation with CULS.

In the following two years our implementation team has goals to achieve as continuous development of the Moodle, including preparation of new progressive template and increasing the user knowledge that in the end will increase the quality of the e-learning courses.

"In the previous period we stabilized the system and we tried to get it to the acceptable stage. Finally we have space for innovation and improvement, so we are looking forward to focus on those activities with our team." Mirek said.

For more information on our work at this project and implementation team go to our reference site.