We became the partners of the 10th Banking Innovation forum held by Uniglobal in the Prague Congress Centre. Our colleagues represented Trigama and monitored what is actually trending worldwide and regionally. What are their findings?

Banking Innovation Forum figures:

  • 2 days
  • 22 lectures
  • 20 partners

What were the highlights for us?

"Monika Drobná from the KB had the excellent presentation with examples, where the KB cooperates with startups and stated the rules that are necessary to set. She mentioned that the corporation’s mindset to cooperate with the startups must be changed, because many of them are not willing to cooperate yet." Miloš Sonták, editor of the FinTech Cowboys, who attended Thursday lectures, commented. As well the AUKA talked about the future of cooperation between banks and startups as the way to reciprocal growth.

"Barclaycard lecture about experimenting and creating company culture focused on innovations was very inspiring to me. As well as the talk of the ABN Amro showing several parallels between non‑banking and banking sector and defining MWP (minimum wow product)." said Martin Pacholet, UX Designer, who participated in the conference on Friday.

"Very interesting was the speech of the Addiko Bank representative introducing the mobile banking at the Viber chat. As they considered, clients don’t want to learn banking, so we operate at the platform, which is familiar to everyone." added Zdeněk Binder, CEO of Trigama.eu.

We met interesting people and found out about some news and trends at the conference. The conference showed us, that we are aware of the innovations discussed by FinTech Cowboys and we already analyze and use some of them.