We started the cooperation with the CULS back in 2015. In addition to already managing the system Moodle, we have embarked on another project. We’ve designed and created the SAVE reporting system, which is exactly tailored to the CULS.

The SAVE: What You Can Use It For & What It Does

  • The system records the activities and worked hours of the OIKT (Department of Information and Communication Technology) and allows the executives to monitor it.
  • SAVE includes the predefined activities for specific employees according to their competencies and rankings, which significantly simplifies the reporting process.
  • The system allows to send, review and approve the reports on a weekly basis as well as it also generates the overviews for executives.
  • SAVE also makes it easy for all the employees to create their paper-based job reports, which are automatically generated on one single click.

Our established habit in Trigama is to design, develop and to deploy systems, which are simple, clear, user-friendly, easily accessible and fully responsive including the reporting tables. The SAVE system is no different and entirely matches all those criteria. The system’s visual appearance also corresponds with the CULS corporate identity.

"We developed and deployed the SAVE system in 2017. However, our work has not yet finished. The key to a successful application is the regular communication with your client, responding to his needs and the further development. We are currently working on the updated version, which will handle even more complex reports, including graphs.” said Miroslav Jungwirth, SAVE Project Manager.